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Zwei gebrauchte Bücher von Alice Walker auf Englisch:


  • In Love & Trouble

Zustand: ungelesen, kaum Flecken, veraltet
Inhalt: Readers of Alice Walker's The Color Purple will find in these stories further evidence of their power to depict Black women - women who vary greatly in background yet are bound together by their vulnerability to life: Roselily, on her wedding day, surrounded by her four children, prays that a loveless marriagie will bring her respectability; a young writer, exploited by both her lover and her husband, wreaks an ironic vengeance; a desitute, ignorant girl, unable to try "strong horse tea"; a jealous wife, looking for her husband's mistress, finds a competitor she cannot fight, an old woman, thrown out of a White church, meets God on a highway.
There are some of the seekers of the dignity and love whom Alice Walker portrays in en enlightening, disturbing view of life in the South. 

  • You can't keep a good woman down

Zustand: leicht eingelesener Rücken, leichte Flecken auf der Oberseite
InhaltThis collection builds on Alice Walker’s earlier work, the much-praised In Love & Trouble. But unlike her first collection of stories, the women in these tenderly wrought tales face their problems head on, proving powerful and self-possessed even when degraded by others—sometimes by those closest to them. But even as the female protagonists face exploitation, social asymmetries, and casual cruelties, Walker leavens her stories with ample wit and, as always, an eye for the redemptive power of love.

A collection that reveals a master of fiction approaching the fullness of her talent, these are the stories Walker produced while penning The Color Purple.

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